Fever states and another plane


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1) "I go to sleep and then I wake up. I wake up to this horrible feeling that I have to finish a TASK that I know is IMPOSSIBLE... but yet, I have no idea what the task is. I just have the feeling in my body that I have to do something... (i dont know what) but something that is VERY VERY VERY IMPOSSIBLE... Sometimes when this happens I see weird shapes. I can't remember is I'm seeing it while sleeping or right after I wake up. Usually its simple square shapes or something of that nature." -Winstea21

2) "It was like the texture, creases and folds of the blankets were uniquely dry and insideous, and time was slowed down, it was a darkend pale ethereal torture." -Cryptic

3) "The hallucination isn't always the same for me... but it always has the same "basics", the gigantic round thing, the noise, the tiny thing and the calming voice. And it always ends up with the fear, the noise and the gigantic thing coming back." -jakra002

4) "... the shapes seemed to hurt my head... the crisp folds on the hospital sheets were agony, when I closed my eyes I could see lines travelling towards each other from opposing directions and when they met, there were green flashes of light and agonising pain in my head, My whole body was shaking..." -lalune

5) "I would lose track of my senses, not knowing where i am, or who i am for that matter. The world faded away and all that is left is just pure emptiness. The bed faded away, the blanket faded away, but i still get the feeling as if i am on something...something soft and that i am covered with something, something warm but i dont know what it is. The room starts changing shape, becoming narrow and long, and becoming even more narrow and even longer. I lose my sense of distance...it is as if i am looking through a never ending tunnel of pure whiteness and emptiness. The walls start closing in on me, but the infinite length remains. Than all of a sudden i see some kind of object, a shape of some sort..." -gunforce

6) "I'm aware of energy, moving, interacting with it or manipulating it. There is no up or down, no distance, yet it's still a coherent frame of existanc... i can't even begin to describe, there were shapes, I'm pretty sure they were the platonic solids. There was either a deafening vibrational noise or a thundering silence, and a feeling of movement, but so agonizingly slow. The slowness was awful, felt like your soul being ripped out... There are shapes. Very distinct geometric shapes. 5 of them I think,They are different colors, but i wouldnt say they were solid. And they were absolutely horrifying." -the cusp

7) "The sound I hear is an overwhelming silence that is deafining - Like a ringing. Sometimes there is simply blackness and the image of two solid... sphere's juxtaposed in an overwhelming contrast (One very large, one very small). The material is metal-like, with an INFINITE mass. As if it's the most dense material known. Almost always, these dreams seem to have some time-related theme, as if I (my life) was moving extremely slow, almost to no measurable degree, and that I would be doing this forever. That's a VERY scary feeling by the way. Sometimes the bad one's show a white dot traveling back and forth though black space and when it reaches a certain point, or line, something bad will happen. Another dream that used to accompany these (as a child) was as I was falling asleep, I would feel extremely small, very very very, small. But I was still in my room. And the room was very very very large. It almost felt like I was coming out of my body as well." - jcraig

8) "I had horrific geometric shapes, I don't know why they derrified me so much. They actually resembled giant tylenol chewables (the pink ones). I remember clearly A blue background, and being trapped in this dimension where I could barely move. Knowing something was going to do something to me. It felt like these tylenol pills or shapes were just trying to utterly detroy me, and crush me..." -bro

9) "i remember that i had these weird feelings of chewing on pieces of leather. Allthough i dont recall any platonic solids, for me it was just some huge solid pillars with immense gravitational forces. and then they would swoop back and these tiny things would do there thing. and woosh the pillar again. crunching them. It would be set in some dark space . no specifics though. i do recall different themes , though. Sometimes it would just be chaotic speed and slow changes." -pawstalker

10) "I only remember having actual shapes in one dream, there was a rectangular wooden block that just slowly got larger. But the feeling of slowness and sickness were the same for me - a kind of thumping and humming that just got louder and louder, and larger and slower. With the feeling that I couldn't escape." -imp

11) "I once had a horrible, horrible dream involving mathematics and algebra. I don't remember anything about the dream or how long it was or felt, but when I woke up I swear I was thinking in numbers. For 10-15 minutes I was terrified of going outside of my room because the variables involved would equal something, like in an equation, although I don't know what the something in question might have been." -spamtek

12) "...  mind races with the most bizarre and illogical thoughts - such as thinking in math. when I snapped out of it, what I was thinking was so abstract I could barely reason with it when I woke up." -juroara

13) "... the dream seems to take on a "distant" quality. The best way I can describe it is a alien reality surrounded by a infinite void (though this "alien reality" always gives me Deja Vu)... something always seems wrong, of extreme importance, or a impending sense of "happening"(?). The horror always accompanies this strange, self created "alien reality"" -grexxis

14) "... nothing there that you can relate to. The familiar dimensions of space and time are... not there? It's very disturbing." -the cusp

15) "... It was just terrible, and I couldn`t get away from the objects because they were so HUGE. Also it was this terrifying experience of seeing something that huge moving, it was almost impossible to grasp. For people who haven`t had this experience; pricture if you could be able to see the entire universe (the whole known universe) into an object. Moving towards you. It`s terrifying." -justsosick

16) "... there was something round. A wheel, sphere, circle, something. I think it was on a background of graph paper. It was enormous. Absolutely huge. And it was moving so slow, with deafeningly loud complete silence in the background." -tobasco

17) "... everything in the room seemed so distant, and small, far away.. And when i fell asleep there was this image, that didn't make any sence whatsoever, with colours, shapes.. moving fast and slow, mixing in different ways.. that was really horrifying." -hagelslagius

18) "... I remember being infront of an enormous, spherical object. It was tremendously huge, perhaps infinite. This object moved towards me extremely slow. Their was extreme gravity pulling me towards the object, but I never reached it. And at the same time this extreme gravity was compressing me into something tiny. Something infinitely tiny! I remember the object as being the definition of the word "perfect". Have you ever seen that Green material called Oasis in the bottom of some flowerpots? When you press it your finger sinks down into the material a bit, along with a cracking noise.The feeling of pressing that green material was constant through thewhole dream." -katla

19) "








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